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This page describes three types of executive agreements that are not contracts: In an attempt to answer this question, scientists have put forward several hypotheses regarding the contemporary role of the treaty. These can be roughly divided into two categories: first, there are hypotheses that support the idea that treaties have no independent value as a political instrument. These reports generally explain the use of the contract by reasons orthogonal to considerations concerning the quality of the promise itself. Second, there are assumptions that suggest that promises made as contracts are qualitatively different from those made as executive agreements, and that the decision to use the contract is determined by these considerations. This study examined whether promises made in the form of a treaty are significantly more enduring than those made as agreements between Congress and the executive branch. The analysis suggests that this is indeed the case. If all observed characteristics are kept constant, an agreement accepted as a contract takes longer statistically and substantially than a similar agreement concluded as an executive agreement. This finding applies to all model specifications and even assuming that the shortest 10% executive agreements are exclusive executive agreements that could not easily replace the contract. International agreements can expire at any time and survival times are therefore continuous in nature. However, as described above, survival times are only measured once a year based on the publication in TIF. In principle, continuously grouped data can use both parametric and semiparametric models.

However, as explained in the Appendix, footnote 90 of the semiparametric Cox proportional risk model is more appropriate for the current scenario, footnote 91, as it is a semiparametric model based on only a few assumptions. Footnote 92 The additional logbook template is used as a robustness check. In total, the dataset contains 7,966 agreements. In longitudinal form, each agreement is complied with once a year during its application and once it expires, resulting in a total of 129,518 observations per year per agreement. Since the print resources were migrated online, it is now possible to perform the first two or three steps of the contract search process using an online contract database like the one in the United States. HeinOnline Treaty and Agreement Library, HeinOnline World Library of Treaties or the United Nations. . .