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This document sets out the concept of access decision-making, including some points that SIEF members must take into account in their operations. For more information about these consortia and their activities, please visit the web pages of interest via the links above. In order to achieve an efficient registration and communication process within the SIEF, it is recommended to group the members of the SIEF into 4 different categories according to 4 different SIEF codes. These codes reflect the role of each company in each given pre-SIEF/SIEF. This form letter can be used to send the survey to SIEF members. EtOH-REACH has established an access order form letter (Annex II) and an access letter agreement (Annex III). Your legal entity can obtain an access notice in accordance with the following instructions: as a non-consortium member, registrants who intend to refer to the data can validly relate to the data by purchasing an access statement. After the signing of the agreement and receipt of the corresponding invoice issued by the consortium secretariat, the legal entity is invited to pay the fee as soon as possible. As regards the registration of chrome-plated metal, the price of an access decision (LOA) to the chromium file for >1000 tpa is EUR 14 000; EUR 10 000 per 100-1000 tpa; EUR 8500 for 10-100 tpa; and 5000 euros for 1 to 10 tpa, plus VAT and bank transfer fees. This implies access to CSR for chrome-plated metal, but not for ferrochrome alloys or other chromium alloys. See: A clarification point on CSR.

Cr Metall is not classified. Therefore, the concept of coverage of uses is not relevant, as there will be no exposure scenarios. Equality is 96% purity for cr-metal, provided that no impurities lead to cr-metal being considered hazardous/hazardous in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Directive/CLP. This is the case of cr-metal as such. Equality for cr as a component of alloys is managed differently. If you produce/import FeCr/FeSiCr, you need separate access to CSR ferrochrome alloys. Talk to estreicher@khlaw.com if this is your situation. The access service gives your legal entity the right to designate the technical parts of the management agent`s registration as co-registration for the purposes of joint submission.. .

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