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Here you can find more information about flexible trial options and other College Board policies during the Fall Day Administrations, PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 8/9. If you need resources for satellite administrations on weekends, switch to the SAT Resource Library. Information about the SAT School Day, model test material and tips and guidance for testing. Teachers can use this guide to learn more about each SAT Suite assessment and the tools that allow you to make the best use of test results. There are also handouts for parents and students with additional information. Tell students what they can expect at sat and how to combine their results with university and career planning. This guide describes the questions that students will answer about themselves before the test begins and whether or not answers to the assessment are needed. Educators can use this presentation to show students and families test sections, rating scales, benchmarks, and resources, to get the most out of the SAT and improve the university`s willpower. Manuals, handouts, presentations, forms and other documents that will help you implement SAT School Day will be displayed here as the test day approaches. Contains detailed information on what awaits you and how to prepare for SAT School Day. Ask this form to students who need an ID card for trial purposes. This list of university majors, sorted by field of study, contains the codes that students must enter in box 32 of the SAT SCHOOL DAY ANSWER SHEET. Spread the word on sat School Day with this customizable phone call script….

A resource for consultants who help them plan a successful implementation of SAT School Day. This is a complement to the sat School Day Coordinator Manual. . A program of meetings to help educators discuss the benefits of SAT School Day and share an overview of the SAT Suite with assessments, results and reports with administrators and teachers. . A comparative guide that helps to understand the similarities and differences between the SAT weekend, sat School Day and the whole sat Suite of Assessments. This manual contains detailed procedures to follow before, during and after the management of the SAT school day. A list of glossaries approved by the College Board for use by students during test management. Use these templates to communicate the benefits of SAT School Day to your students and their parents. Meanwhile, the top priorities for the College Board are the health and safety of you and your students. Find out how you are testing to manage uncertainties due to the coronavirus (.pdf/702 KB).

. Test instructions in different languages for SAT School Day test participants. Sat test instructions have been translated into Albanian for English learners… Resources to talk to students and parents about SAT School Day. Download all files (7) for the SAT School Day Implementation Toolkit. The conditions that students agree to when they take the SAT on a school day. . A leaflet for parents that explains the benefits of SAT School Day for students. An educational program to prepare students for the SAT.

Tell students about the benefits of participating in sat. There are also training tips by khan Academy. . Use these social media posts with links to promote SAT School Day. . An educational program that is delivered to students after the SAT for delivery and helps them understand their results and take action. Download All (15) Files for SAT Translated Test Instructions A number of web banner images to use in advertising for SAT School Day. .

This kit, categorized by target group, shows you the implementation and communication resources we`ve developed to help you prepare for your administration date. . . .