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What is the difference between confidentiality and secrecy? But what does that mean? How do employees know what information they need to keep confidential? In this regard, the organization needs a privacy policy. If you want your employees to behave properly, you need to make them understand how to recognize whether the information is confidential or not. This agreement governs the receipt, use and disclosure of confidential information by each member of the Board of Directors. This agreement is intended to complement the Foundation Code of Conduct Directive and other Foundation Directives. Privacy can be a slippery subject, and it has a long history of law. An obligation of confidentiality may be established by contract and may also be created under customary law. Most employment contracts contain a section on confidentiality. Even if this is not the case, the common law obligation of confidentiality is automatically included in a contract of employment. This confidentiality agreement will be entered into on the following date between the signing of this agreement by the agent and the Wikimedia Foundation (the Foundation), a non-profit corporation in Florida based at 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600, San Francisco, CA 94105. We therefore need to re-examine the privacy policy. The goal is to make employees understand how to share information with whom and with whom they haven`t – and how to manage their own information.

For example, if someone is sick, do we tell all their colleagues what is happening to them? Here, the « Need to know » test is useful. Colleagues need to know that someone is not at work and maybe how long they should be away, but most of them don`t need to know exactly why. Volunteers should also be considered. You cannot have a contractual obligation of confidentiality, but you can create a common law obligation by having it sign an appropriate promise of confidentiality. Has anyone ever said to you, « It`s confidential, so I really shouldn`t tell you, but.. » – and then they give you gossip? Does someone who follows this privacy approach work for you? If so, does it matter? And remember that if a privacy breach involves personal data, it could also constitute a violation of data protection law…