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MNB`s lawyers have the experience and knowledge to make this process as simple as possible and are ready to support you throughout the trial. Our Woodland Hills Land Title Trust Lawyers help you understand the options you have, and once your Title Trust country has been created, you can act on your behalf as a trustee, so you have confidence that your assets are protected by both your country established Title Trust and by the attorney-client relationship. Land Trusts depends on donations and grants for land acquisition. Conservancies also accept and hold conservation services donated or sold by landowners. A conservation easement is a voluntary and legally binding agreement between landowners and Land Trust or government authority, which sustainably limits the use of land in order to protect its conservation. [3] [4] Public conservancies are state-funded agencies whose objective is to protect the habitat of wild animals. Public land trusts cannot be considered non-profit organisations. In California, land reserves are controlled by the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB). California state protected areas will land themselves or private land trusts will help buy land [6]. In California, there are ten public nature reserves in total: this is another area where California is unique. California trusts are not subject to common ownership or dowry rights. However, it is good to know what these concepts are since they deal with the division of property during a divorce.

California is a condominium state. This is the most relevant for married real estate investors. In co-ownership states, anything a party earns during a marriage can be legally treated as a common asset. The right to joint ownership is often set aside in the event of divorce. John and Mary Smith are real estate investors in the San Francisco area who have been married for ten years. Both have their own investments, but Mary is the most productive investor. They appear before the family court after having decided by mutual agreement to end their marriage. In the absence of asset protection measures or landtrusts, Mary could effectively lose some of the real estate held as an investment (or even the money she would receive from them if sold) during the divorce. However, if it uses a country trust to hold the real estate, it is unlikely.

The Land Trust itself is controlled by an agent and is therefore not treated as common property. In short, Mary would be in a much better situation if she used a Land Trust, because John has the legal opportunity to claim property with his own name. It does not have this ability if the property is held in an anonymous country trust. Of course, there are ways to circumvent state rules that confer common property status on property acquired during a valid marriage. The rental agreement of the set, also called TbyE, allows married couples to own a plot of property together, but not collectively. Some couples choose to use both methods of protection by protecting both common property in land trusts and holding TbyE. This information may seem a bit cynical. Few people, if they get married, think that they will eventually face the consequences of divorce.