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Therefore, a framework agreement can be very important for organizations that have these types of contracts or long-term relationships or agreements with customers and suppliers. Okay, hello everyone and welcome to this Leverage Technology Webinar for SAP Business One. I am James Rodda and today`s theme is the mastery of item prices and framework agreements. Long-term sales or purchase contracts are important for every business. You too can be annoying. Managers need to define the schedule and type of agreement, create documents for each period, and take care of other details during and after transactions. SAP Business One provides an easy way to track and track these transactions through Blanket Agreement. This feature is available in distribution, purchasing, and reporting. Users can set business partners, start/end date, termination date, and recurring transactions. So, some good tools here, if you need such a device in the system. So I have this package, package number one, and what I can do just to show you that it works is just go back to the customer order that I`ve already created, and then I`m going to enter a BMX bike, so I have a BMX in order, and I choose a BMX force bike, and you`ll see, that the price of this BMX bike is $700, and that`s taken from the framework agreement. In the same way that I can tell what flat-rate agreements are used, so if I maximize that, I have here a column called Blanket Agreement Number, and I can see that Blanket Agreement One is currently in use.

By default, it is possible to place only a distribution hedging contract for counterparties valid in the same period. If you want to create multiple agreements valid in the same period for a counterparty, click SAP Business One click: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings. On the BP tab, enable the Allow multiple framework agreements for the same period option. We will also talk about lump sum agreements. Now, lump sum deals are a very handy tool if you know what it can actually accomplish. Generally, long-term newcomers, either with your customers and suppliers, so there are other names that could be mentioned as a call outside the order or a lump sum order. There are a number of names, but actually it is a long-term agreement with a trading partner. And you can recover this agreement for a certain period of time. I will give you a few examples. This applies to all customers or counterparties who have received this price list, regardless of the attitude of the prices, even if special prices have cancelled it. But if he comes to this level in the hierarchy, he would apply this discount.

So let`s see that in action, so back to the order of the customers. A sales hedging contract is a long-term contract between a merchant and a customer. It is usually done when a customer has committed to purchase large quantities of products to be delivered in several small shipments over a given period of time. So it`s a good tool just to see how you`re following, and if you have a regular meeting or meet with your clients, you can see how they follow what was agreed at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the framework agreement, and adapt accordingly. . . .