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That, out of natural love and affection of the donor, the donor wishes to pass on the property in question to the donor. That the donor has no other male child and has only two daughters, that the finished took care of the donor in his old care. That the donor also lives with the family of the admirer. That the donor is sane and is not under the sign of drunkenness, influence or coercion. There are situations where the landlord transfers the apartment as part of a gift contract, but in return, he expects the donor to fulfill a certain condition: entry to university, obtaining driving rights, birth of an heir, etc. The law gives the owner of square meters the right to set such requirements. In this case, they must also be reflected in the Treaty. The deed of ownership in the apartment. 2.

Avoids possible future disputes that may arise concerning the immovable property. A deed of gift is a legal document that constitutes a transfer of the gift from one person to another in accordance with the provisions of the law. Gift Deed is a legally binding written document defined in section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1822, by which the donor may voluntarily transfer existing movable or immovable property to the beneficiary. A home donation agreement is the easiest and fastest way to transfer ownership. However, the process of concluding an agreement has its own nuances, which will be better understood before the agreement is signed. In this article we consider an example of donating to a house, we analyze how you create a document yourself and give step-by-step instructions for the registration of the property. You can also download a form at the end of the article to fill out a gift of home and land between close relatives (2019 relevant). A citizen is free to dispose of his property autonomously. When we talk about an apartment, he can sell it, mortgage it or give it to another person. These rules are enshrined in the applicable law. The donation of a dwelling to another person must be made in accordance with the established rules.

In another situation, the agreement may be challenged. To minimize errors, it is better to use an example of an agreement on the donation of an apartment between close relatives, which will be presented on our website, version 2019. . .