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If there is a death or divorce, the consequences of discovering that you have signed a brine and divorce agreement can be quite devastating! In the case of our client, he was married for 25 years, but it was a second marriage for him and his wife, and his wife had adult children. Had the Sole and Separate agreement not been signed, the property would have been in his name and no estate proceedings or legal action would have been necessary. But since the brine and brine were signed, our client had to hire a lawyer and begin the estate process. He had to contact all their adult children to hand over the property. A conjugal agreement (also known as a premarital or pre-marital agreement) is a contract between two people who wish to marry and be effective in the context of marriage. It can look at how you distribute your assets and responsibilities: the content of a marriage pact varies, but generally includes decisions to share ownership in the event of divorce or adultery. It may also contain conditions forfeiture of assets due to divorce for adultery; Other conditions for placing children under guardianship may also be included. A cohabitation contract is a voluntary contract between two people who live or will live together over a long period of time, but not in a legal marriage contract. This may be the best for each couple to conclude the above real estate contracts. A post-marriage agreement is a written agreement after a couple has married or entered into a registered life relationship to settle the couple`s affairs and property in the event of separation or divorce or death of one of the spouses. Too often, people make the mistake of thinking, only the « RICH PEOPLE » need heritage protection or estate planning. Indeed, if you have a modest positive fortune, you should study to protect your assets, especially before entering into a relationship with a life.

Disclaimer: Legal issues are complicated. The information provided here does not constitute legal advice and is not intended for it; Instead, all the information, content and content available on this website is only used for general information purposes. A real estate agent cannot give advice on how a person should accept ownership of a property. If you have any questions, speak to a lawyer. Even if the property is built as your separate property, the municipality may have an interest in this property if the municipality has contributed to the improvement or conservation of this distinct property.