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Since 2002, surrogacy and surrogacy, combined with egg/sperm donation, has been perfectly legal in Ukraine. By law, a donor or surrogate has no parental rights over the child born and the child born is legally the child of the future parents. [83] Some Russian women, such as Ekaterina Zakharova,[65] Nataliya Klimova,[67] and Lamara Kelesheva,[68] were grandmothers through post-mortem surrogacy programs whose surrogate grandsons were conceived posthumously after the death of their sons. In Ireland, there is no law on surrogacy. [Citation required] In 2005, a government-appointed commission published a comprehensive report on assisted human reproduction, which made numerous recommendations on the field of assisted human reproduction. With regard to surrogacy, she recommended that the mandated couple be considered a parent of the child under Irish law. Despite the publication, no legislation has been published and the area remains largely unregulated. On 21 February 2012, the Minister of Justice, Equality and Defence issued guidelines for them due to increasing pressure from Irish citizens to go abroad to have children through surrogacy. [39] 2.) No one can, in any way, announce, for or for the purpose of compensating, that a person is ready or perhaps ready to enter into a surrogacy agreement. Surrogacy agreements focus on the child who is to be born. Although the hoped-for child is not a party to the surrogacy agreement, his or her future rights and interests are the main rights and interests associated with it.

To ensure that they are adequately protected, the law requires the safety and judicial control of the proposed surrogacy agreement before a child is even created. [82] Children`s Act, 2005 (Law 38, 2005) Chapter 19: Surrogacy 292. The High Court`s decision in The Ex Parte MS has been criticized for creating a precedent that could allow future abuse of the principle of child welfare. [6] The mandate of parents who implement the protocol in accordance with Chapter 19 would be able to do so in areas where it can be shown to be in the best interests of the child. However, such circumvention would lead to relevant provisions of Chapter 19 of the Regulation. This possibility alludes to the need to rethink the way the High Court implements the principle of the best interests of the child when ratifying insufficient surrogacy agreements. [7] After Keightley J received the written submissions requested from Ms. Retief, the applicants` legal assistant, and on November 1, 2013, after hearing orally, an order that resulted in the confirmation of the surrogacy agreement entered into by the applicants as a result of the surrogate`s artificial insemination. [15] The High Court in Ex parte MS has presented a number of guidelines for the future confirmation of requests for surrogacy agreements after fertilization. [70] Parties should continue to be required to draft and sign a written surrogacy agreement and submit it to the High Court for confirmation, and that post-fertilization applications should be considered an exception to the rule.

[71] In 2006, Australian Senator Stephen Conroy and his wife Paula Benson announced that they had arranged for the birth of a child through egg donation and surrogacy.