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If you keep the Empire Law Group to find a solution for your traffic quote ticket, we will take care of everything. We handle the necessary correspondence and submissions with the court, we appear on your behalf, and support you with your latest instructions so that you can pay road fines. Our ticketing procedures save our customers the trouble they miss or would waste valuable time with the court system. You don`t have to ask questions like, « Where can I pay for a ticket? Can I pay for my ticket online? If you opt for an engagement letter or a preservation agreement, the language and meaning must be clear and you must explain the terms of the document so that the client understands the extent of the professional relationship. 3.03 WHICH DOES NOT COVER THE UPFRONT COSTS. The flat fee initially paid covers nothing more than a single pre-procedure. Other points that do not cover the initial fee are: 1. Hearing dates (2) regarding the submission of investigative applications and the obtaining of physical evidence (3) show that the parties to the proceedings (5) are subject to further notifications or hearings outside the original pre-procedure. You should expect the case to be closed with a lawyer attending a hearing on your behalf. You should also have the hope that the attorney`s agreement will end after a plea has been filed on your behalf. For all other case-related services, a separate fee is required.

3.01 THE ORIGINAL TAX. For most services related to the defence of tickets and class « c » offences, the law firm Beltz charges a flat fee. We strive to maintain our fees for our customers at a reasonable price. Therefore, you must understand and accept that any flat fee paid for maintaining the Beltz Law Firm is immediately earned, since our firm has made itself available to deal with your case immediately. As the Beltz Law Firm has decided to help you, it could very well have dismissed another case to help you. The lawyer`s fees paid are nominal, so they are earned immediately after opening your case. Taxes paid are usually used when the data is first entered and documents are collected and sent to the court. This does not mean that not all cases warrant some kind of reimbursement. A detailed explanation of the refund policy can be provided in this section below. As a general rule, corrective measures in the event of an infringement may be accompanied by compensation. For example, counsel may have to pay damages to compensate for losses caused by improper use of withholding costs.

5.02 YOU NEED TO LOG IN TO YOUR MYCASE ACCOUNT AND CHECK IT REGULARLY. All our customers have full access to their case files via our mycase portal. This website can be www.mycase.com. Each client receives a welcome email from the portal, in which it contains instructions to set up access to their case file. Just click on the link, enter the email address you gave to our office at the beginning and enter a password of your choice to set up the account. You must set up your account within 48 hours of stopping our office to avoid the absence of important information. You will need to check your email and mycase account regularly during our performance. If you do not, you accept the negative results that could result from this lack of communication.

If more than 30 days have passed since our office was shut down and you have not heard from our company, you can assume that substantial progress has been made in your file in accordance with this agreement. In fact, in some cases, your case may already be resolved by that date. It is your duty to determine the result by logging into your file, reading and following all the instructions and correspondence described that we posted in your file at the time.