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If so; From our point of view, Section 14 can be used to terminate the tenancy agreement prematurely, although the tenant is a legal entity. Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 also makes a clear distinction between the early termination of a lease by an individual through paragraph 14 of the CPA; and the situation of a corporation that cannot use section 14, since it cannot do so with respect to paragraph 14, paragraph 1, which states that « this section does not apply to transactions between corporations, regardless of their annual turnover. » Before considering applicable legal acts, it is also important to note that leases generally cover calendar days, i.e. every day of the calendar, including weekends and holidays. The Consumer Protection Act explicitly refers to the working days of Section 14, i.e. you must ignore weekends and holidays. Sometimes laws or leases refer to trial days, which means that you count only on days when the court is open and sitting, although there are few references to trial days in rental situations. If the types of days are not defined, you should consider them as calendar days and include weekends and holidays. On the other hand, the termination letter must expressly confirm that the lease is terminated and ask residents to evacuate the land. You can also report that if the occupant cannot evacuate the property, an evacuation procedure may be initiated. There is a myth that a landlord must give the tenant more time to evacuate the property after the termination, but in reality, a landlord can request the immediate evacuation of the property. It is at the discretion of the Tribunal, when granting eviction, to give the tenant more time for the evacuation of the property. In general, in our experience, the occupants are about one month during which the evacuation of the property was granted. It should also be remembered that the letter of retraction must also be addressed to all rental takers in the tenancy agreement.