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If you are concerned that dating during separation will have a negative impact on your divorce proceedings or your life, the safest option is to wait for the final divorce decree to start dating again. Angela: Marilyn asked me to answer your question. I`m a lawyer in the London office of Stowe Family Law. The first step in the divorce proceedings is that a party filed for divorce. There is only one basis on which you can file for divorce, and that is that the marriage disintegrates irretrievably. You must then prove that it has an irretrievable breakdown because of one of the five reasons Marilyn discussed these reasons in the following blog post: www.stowefamilylaw.co.uk/2013/08/01/grounds-for-divorce/. Once the divorce application is complete, it should be filed in court; The petition will be sent to your husband if it has been issued by the court and he is asked to confirm the receipt. Assuming that your husband does not defend the divorce, you can apply for the nisi decree and six weeks after the adoption of the nisi decree, you can apply for an absolute decree that dissolves the marriage. Of course, there will also be a number of issues that need to be resolved with respect to financial issues and there are different methods to deal with these issues. Things are usually resolved more quickly when an agreement can be reached between you and your husband without the court having to make a decision. I strongly recommend that you seek legal advice from a lawyer regarding both divorce and financial settlement.

Anna – You can negotiate a separation agreement. A separation agreement is a legal document signed by both spouses, which explains the agreements you have agreed. In some legal systems, independent legal advice is required to make the document legally binding. I recently broke up with my wife, and she asked for a judicial separation, but I found out she was seeing someone else. When she applied for a judicial separation, she presented « evidence » which I totally dispute. I didn`t want to leave because I still loved her desperately, but she did things to make me look like the bad guy. It became clear why she wanted me to move when I was told that a « friend » man from her car was outside our house at night. I thought something was going on before, but she always denied it. Although I now know that she sleeps with him, as on Earth, I can prove it and use it in divorce proceedings.