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Not all roommates become best friends, but most learn to get along. The key to a roommate relationship is to create common expectations, communicate and resolve conflicts when they occur. If you feel like you can`t handle a situation with your roommate, Residential Life employees are available. Please discuss your concerns with your RA so we can determine the best way to help you. « It is important to note that for first-year students, the majority of rooms in cool communities only house two residents, so please plan your roommate size accordingly. While this is not an option for everyone, Clemson students who already have a group of developed friends can look at people they know as potential roommates. Knowing a person`s personality means that you can share an apartment with them more comfortably. In fact, what many students choose is to invite one or two friends to be roommates in a four-room unit, but then use a snack service to fill the remaining rooms in the apartment. In the Groups of Roommates section, you can create or join a group of potential roommates. You can also view pending requests that you may have sent or received. If you know your friend`s Clemson University username, you can start creating a group by clicking « Search for Roommates in Details. » If other members are added to the group, you can see all members of the group on this page. To avoid frustration, discuss individual expectations with your roommate.

It is normal for roommates to have different expectations. It is an important part of living with another person to agree on what is expected for your home. Remember that it`s just as important to listen to what it`s like to talk about when you`re discussing your shared expectations. Some topics to discuss are study habits, sleep plans, objects to share, objects for personal use, visiting hours and cleanliness. Clemson Living offers custom contracts so residents can rent apartments in the room. Each resident signs an agreement to rent their own student room and shares the living room, kitchen and other common areas with roommates. This approach solves many of the problems that are often related to traditional housing contracts. If a roommate pays too late or moves prematurely and is fined, other residents are not affected because they have no financial responsibility for their roommates.

Parents who co-sign for their students also appreciate that we rent a bed because these contracts reduce the financial risk to them and their students. A scientific process for finding roommates is a snack service that some apartment property managers near Clemson University offer to arriving residents.