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After successfully completing all exam requirements, applicants will receive a letter of success and a registration form and can then apply for ORC registration. The CCEB supports research in the areas of clinical competency assessment, advanced evaluation methods and ongoing studies on the validity and reliability of cceb investigations. This support includes numerous articles published in medical education journals, presentations at international conferences on medical education, and verification and analysis of exam data. Although the CCEB was not a signatory to the provincial agreement (re: CFCRB and the labour mobility chapter of the Internal Trade Agreement), we are working together and funding an external review in its entirety, in accordance with the provincial agreement. We see this as an opportunity to seek additional advice in the ongoing monitoring of the best competency assessments. The Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (CCEB) is an independent federal not-for-profit corporation that offers high-quality examinations for the chiropractic profession in Canada. The profession recognized the need for a federal review, which national regulatory authorities could accept as a standard to ensure the clinical competence of applicants applying for a licence. That is why the CCEB was founded in 1962 to create a federal review and has continued to perpetuate this valuable service ever since. As a test agency, the CCEB does not represent a certain college of chiropractic, nor a chiropractic philosophy or a political agenda, but formulates tests that reflect the activities of chiropractics in Canada and ensure competence in managing the presentations Canadians seek for chiropractic. Did you know that? The results of the ccEB survey last about four weeks. After the success of the CCEB exam and the ORC`s legislative and ethical examination, the ORC will send applicants an application for membership. Participating in an established practice can be a great way to start your career.

Everyone begins these relationships with the intention of being respectful and prosperous. As in any business relationship, however, it is advisable to put on paper the conditions of the association.