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Jack Jeffries, a native of Northern California, fell in love with photography while on the road playing drums in a punk rock band. In short, I… Ingrid is a professional photographer from California who makes terrible duck lips (see photo). Chris is a country boy in the heart, he was born and raised in the forests of Maine. He thinks that the key to happiness is directly correlated to the number of adventures you have. I am a travel and landscape photographer with a background in painting and art history. My formal training has strongly influenced my art, because I focus on it… Born and raised in Virginia, in the Washington suburb of D.C, I have always had the desire to travel. I wanted the great snow-capped mountains of… Patient observer of the stars.

Smiling wild child of the mountain and its rivers. Spirit of adventure, camera in hand. Capture the moments earned… Kim is a lifestyle photographer with the love of using light and everyday moments to make extraordinary art. She lives with her husband and three children… I`m Rachel (Annie) Bell: photographer, adventurer, pastry chef and above all a double mother. I have a passion for lifestyle documentary photography and love that allows me to capture everyday life and the bonds of childhood and family. Lisa Weatherbee is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in NYC. She is invested in the power of photography to create our social consciou… I`m lucky enough to be able to call it my job…. Doesn`t really look like « work. » I pull the everyday with a modern twist so that I do my research, that I work like crazy …

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